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Updated Aug 4th ,2010

In an effort to keep you up to date, Vantage Energy, the operator who will be drilling natural gas wells in the Lake Arlington area, is holding a Town Hall meeting.

Gas Drilling Update
Town Hall Meeting
August 5 at 6:30 PM

Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ

6102 W. Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Arlington, TX 76016


As some of you may have already seen, Seismic testing has been going on in the area for the past two weeks.
this is a good sign that they are moving ahead in spite of the current state of the economy. come back tomorrow, I'll post information from the meeting here and on the news page.

The seismic testing has been completed, and those funny poles and all the wires should be gone.
Set up of the LENNOX drill site , at Pleasant Ridge and Perkins will begin Aug 10th.
the only effect it will have is an increase in traffic in the Poly Webb /I-20 area. Actual drilling will
start in Early Sept. and the First sales of the gas around the end of Dec.
The site known as Steeples , off Bowman springs, will start in Sept.
As for our neighborhood,
Vantage will be applying for the SUP permits begining in Sept. with construction starting at the
LABC /Lake Arlington Baptist Church, in 6 to 9 months, and at the LAXSON site, just east
of the Tate Springs Church in a year to 13 months. According to the maps they had on display
everyone south of Pineridge Dr. will receive their royalties from the LAXSON site, with the exception
of the houses at 5401, 5309, 5305 and 5301 . They will be receiving their royalties from the LABCsite.
As well as the houses on Grissom from Little Rd to 5409 Grissom on the south side, and the houses
on the north side to 5417 Grissom. Everyone WEST of 5417/5409 Grissom, will be benefiting from the
LAXSON site.
Any questions can be answered at 888-225-8141 , or visit the website.


Click here to go to the Arlington City Council's presentation on Gas Drilling.

image by Labrador Grafix

From the Dale Resource LLC, here is a good video and 3D Interactive site,
explaining how the drilling process works Click Here

To help you figure out how much you MIGHT recieve ,
the AVERAGE property in Pineridge Estates is approximately
0.25 acre (now including the additional 2.5 feet to the middle
of the street) , With plots varying from 101 ft. to 112 ft. in length,
and 72ft to 80 ft in width.

Click on the picture above to see an enlarged view of the properties and
their measurements.
Sorry for the limited quality, this photocopy dates back to 1978.

this average does not include the following properties:
5402, 5401, 5400 and 3627 Ceran
5400,5401 (assessed as .44 acre)Grantmont
5305, 5309, 5400, 5401and 5507 Pineridge
3600, 3602, 5503, 5512, 5301, 5305,5308, 5309,
5401, and 5400 Grissom .
Based on a signing bonus of $27,000 per acre ( latest from Paloma,05/2008),
the average property will receive about $6750.00

One Acre=43,560 Sq ft
Sq ft of property is calculated as Length x Width in feet.

If you know the size of your property , here's a calculator
to help you figure out your Bonus:

Divide your Square footage by 43,560.


Here's another Calculator, it's a royalty simulator.
Enter the numbers that you have, and see what your royalty payments might be..
Royalty Estimator


Pineridge Estates history:
Prior to March 25th 1974, Pineridge Estates
was know as Great American Estates,and
Pineridge Drive was Great American Drive.

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Due to the increase in information arriving almost Daily ,
this page has been split into two other pages , one each for the
different groups negotiating in our area.


 re-direct to 2 pages



Paloma( independently from CATS or LGA ) is having a signing meeting June 26 from 4-8 pm
at Tate springs church. It is advised to call ahead to make sure all your information is up to date.

Paloma Resources (817) 332-4900



Go to the CATS page for the latest signing meeting infortmation.



Paloma is now offering a $27,000/acre signing bonus and
26.5% royalties (at the wellhead). The bonus check will be issued in 20 business days
(vs 45 days for a bank draft with CATS).

*Call 817-332-4900 for the latest information on times and location to sign up.

Signing is fast and easy, once they have pulled your property information from county records,
(about 10 minutes), you meet with a Notary public, they review the different forms with you
and you can be done in half an hour.

The home owner has sent copies of both contracts which you can find here:

PALOMA contract (PDF) .......................CATS Contract(PDF)

Read them very carefully to help you make a decision!
Briefly: the CATS contract is a somewhat easier read(less legalese) and has only two significant differences
to the Paloma contract, Article 14 : traffic; stating the gas drilling company and employees will do their best
to AVOID using residential streets for parking and/or commercial vehicle traffic. Article 20: Curing Defaults,
which states the proprety owner can take certain actions after giving 30 day notice, should the gas company
fail to abide by the contract.



If you have ANY information not covered on this page, if
you know of any upcomming meetings, or

if you have already been contacted by any of the gas leasing companies,

Please, Contact Doug to have it posted here! or




It is vitally important that the neighborhood as a whole be involved in obtaining the
best possible contract from the Gas companies.


  Please E-mail Doug your Contact information (e-mail and Phones). It will not be distributed to anyone
and will ONLY be used to keep you informed of updates and, as needed,
to contact you in case of urgency during his patrols.



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