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August 2010 Newsletter



August 1 - Sunday Friendship Day

August 1 - Sunday Sister's Day .................First Sunday in August

August 2 - Monday Can. Civic Holiday..... Canada, most provinces

August 2 - Monday Summer Bank Holiday UK

August 11 - Wednesday Ramadan Begins. Begins at Sunset (Islamic)

August 15 - Sunday Assumption Day

August 19 - Thursday National Aviation Day

August 26 - Thursday Women's Equality Day

August 30 - Monday Summer Bank Holiday

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$1.00 pet Walking service,

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With the return of Nice weather it's time to get out those bicycles and review a few rules of the road!

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After about a year of practically no news about the Gas leases, here is an update:

More information will be posted after the next meeting , taking place Aug 5th , 6:30pm at

Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ
6102 W. Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Arlington, TX 76016

Please go to the CATS website for GAS Lease updates,

Okay, so the news, as far as our neighborhood is concerned, is there is very little news.

The seismic testing has been completed, and those funny poles and all the wires should be gone.
Set up of the LENNOX drill site , at Pleasant Ridge and Perkins will begin Aug 10th.
the only effect it will have is an increase in traffic in the Poly Webb /I-20 area. Actual drilling will
start in Early Sept. and the First sales of the gas around the end of Dec.
The site known as Steeples , off Bowman springs, will start in Sept.
As for our neighborhood,
Vantage will be applying for the SUP permits begining in Sept. with construction starting at the
LABC /Lake Arlington Baptist Church, in 6 to 9 months, and at the LAXSON site, just east
of the Tate Springs Church in a year to 13 months. According to the maps they had on display
everyone south of Pineridge Dr. will receive their royalties from the LAXSON site, with the exception
of the houses at 5401, 5309, 5305 and 5301 . They will be receiving their royalties from the LABCsite.
As well as the houses on Grissom from Little Rd to 5409 Grissom on the south side, and the houses
on the north side to 5417 Grissom. Everyone WEST of 5417/5409 Grissom, will be benefiting from the
LAXSON site.
Any questions can be answered at 888-225-8141 , or visit the website.


UPDATE Summary

ü       You are asked to sign a document showing the City of Arlington your support for the drilling efforts
You are asked to sign a document showing that you support Seismic testing
The document is at the bottom of the CATS Home page; download, print and sign ü       You can mail the signed document or drop it off at one of the town hall meetings
Town Hall meetings have been scheduled for Dec 6th & 8th, plan to attend if you have questions or need more details
If you can not make a meeting, log on to the CATS website and visit the INTERACT section.



Dear Resident:

Over 95% of residents in the Lake Arlington area signed natural gas leases so that they could obtain financial benefit from the drilling of natural gas. It is now time to move forward in that process and we have a milestone to achieve over the upcoming weeks that will allow us to maximize this benefit.

A very standard process that is used before we begin to drill for natural gas in the Barnett Shale is seismic testing.  Seismic testing helps us to better position the wells in the sub-surface and leads to more productive wells that will benefit us all.

In order to conduct the needed seismic testing, we are required to obtain signatures from at least 90% of property owners in the area.  The seismic data acquisition will be restricted to public rights-of-way (i.e. roads, sidewalks, planting strips etc.) and will not be conducted on your property, unless separatearrangements are made. 

Below is a link to the letter of support from your local CATS organization, a Seismic Fact Sheet, and the Permit to Conduct Geophysical Survey (seismic testing) for your signature.  The Statement of Support is included on the form so that we can demonstrate your support to City Hall.

You may simply sign it now and return it to the address at the bottom of the signature form, or if you would like more information before signing, we are holding Town Hall Meetings to answer your questions.  You may attend a Town Hall Meeting at any of the times below. We are no longer conducting these meetings by neighborhood assignment.

Town Hall Meetings

St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church
5819 W. Pleasant Ridge Rd.
Arlington, TX 76016

It is imperative that we have your signature in order to proceed.  Only one signature is required per home. 


Jeffrey Richman, CATS Co-Chair
James MacDowell, CATS Co-Chair


It does not matter who you signed with Caffey, Paloma, Dale, XTO, etc…  Efforts are underway to develop the entire CATS area. Help spread the word.

****see report from the meetings:

NEW information

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A message from Arlington Police Department:

Greetings Community Coordinators and Members,
Every now and again I receive information about a new social service that would be beneficial to our community members.  The attached flyer describes one such service, which is coming to Arlington in mid-October.  Many of our military veterans return from theaters of war and have a difficult time adjusting to “normal” life again.  Sometimes, this failure to be able to readjust escalates to a point of law enforcement involvement.  Because of this, I do not think it is too far a stretch to consider it a prevention program and worth passing on to you.  Please let your community members know about this service for war veterans since many of us are related to or have friends who fit the program criteria.

Sgt. Matt Pedersen #1714
Arlington (TX) Police Dept.
Community Support Bureau
Crime Prevention Unit

phone: 817.459.5726
fax: 817.459.5797

Click here to see the Flyer


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Let's keep the neighborhood clean! Dog walkers;
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Starting Dec 23 2006, the city of Arilington requires year
round watering reductions, Watering is allowed only before
10:00 am and after 6:00 pm. Hand watering and soaker hoses
are still allowed.




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Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am- 6:30 pm
...........Sat: 9:00am-3:00pmRecycle Aluminum cans ($.65 /Lb!) Copper, brass, lead, radiators,
insulated wire, Batteries, Stainless steel, Scrap aluminum, and
other Non-ferous metals.


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